February 13, 2005

Valentine's Day

Keep on the lookout for a new Valentine's Day strip tomorrow (or more likely, late tonight). It will appear on both the main site and at the top of this page. The very first comic I ever had published also happened to run on Valentine's day, I believe in 1999 when I was a junior in high school. Man, how times have changed. I don't have that strip anymore (damn school paper editors lost it) but I'm sure it looked like crap compared to the comics I draw nowadays, and the gag wasn't all that great either.

The thing that's really allowed me more freedom in drawing comics is my (fairly) new Wacom Graphire3 graphics tablet. If you don't know what a graphics tablet is, it's a flat, (usually) rectangular device that plugs into your computer and comes with at least a pen tool, and usually a mouse as well. Anything you draw on the pad shows up on your screen; it's very similar to actually drawing with an actual pen and paper. The pen tool works just like a real pen or pencil. Turn it upside down and you can erase what you've done.The pen can sense 512 different levels of pressure, so the harder you press down the thicker and darker your line gets. The whole package integrates flawlessly into Photoshop 7 and CS and has made comic drawing even more of a joy than it was before, as it's the perfect medium for creating a web comic.

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