March 10, 2005

Hey, look, it's George's backyard!

New Thursday comic is up and running, but I can barely say the same for Blogger. This is the first time I've gotten as far as the "create new entry" page in the past hour and a half.

Anyway, this is the first feature George's backyard. I like it so much I think I'm going to make it regular scenery. Usually I've got the characters sitting around a table in the house drinking coffee just shooting the breeze, but sitting in the backyard with a few drinks (non-alcoholic, kids) is refreshing. And to those of you who are snowed in right now...ha! George lives in California!

I also want to let you all know about a new page on the main site which will allow you to put the newest strip on your site if you so desire, and I hope you do! Here's the link to the new promo page, which has several options on it that will allow you to grace your site with George's mug. Speaking of mugs...

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