April 6, 2005

Bean me, baby

New Wednesday comic is up! This is the first comic I drew in Flash. I also drew Monday's comic in Flash, but I actually drew this one first. Flash is a great program in that it's vector-based, meaning it only stores information about lines and color, unlike a raster-based program like Photoshop, which stores information about every pixel in an image. While that's great for photographs, it's not optimal for comic strips, which ARE just lines and color. So using a vector-based program like Flash to draw the comics allows me to then make the original drawing any size I want, no matter how large, without losing any quality. The talk bubbles and words, however, are added later in Photoshop when I've got the comic the size I want it to be, which is usually around 3800 pixels wide.

I'm also converting my archive of back comics to black and white in hopes of getting a promo pack together to send to a syndicate. I don't want to mail them color copies because those take way too long to print and are more expensive to do so. So here's hoping I'm one of the, like, one percent of total comics that are accepted by syndicates each year!

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