April 3, 2005

New comic up, and lots of news

Hey everyone, the new Monday comic is up (a little early...but it's Monday in New York I guess), and there are a number of news items about George...

1) The main site has been renovated. The upper navigation buttons have been nixed in favor of the larger buttons on the bottom featuring the faces of various characters on them. Also, a "Fun Stuff" page has been added with links to the George Forum, the Contests Page, and the Downloads Page.

2) The new "Caption This Picture!" contest is underway. This week's prize will be a George bumper sticker. You can't winnit if you ain't innit!

3) I've started up a new forum for talking about comic strips, which can be found at Comic-Strips.net. It's brand new, and aside from ThePaul, doesn't have any members...and I want to change that! If you love comic strips please go there and register and maybe we can form a community of comic strip lovers and hopefully make it a good place to pass a few, uh, hours, at work.

4) The George Store is now bigger and better than ever. There are lots of new t-shirts and other items to order. I recently ordered a shirt to see how the quality was, and it was fantastic. The printing couldn't be any sharper.

5) There is no 5.

There you have it! And what's the deal with the tumbleweeds rolling through here? Let's get some comments pumping through here! Let me know any questions, comments, ideas, suggestions, inuiries, asides, or allusions you may have regarding George Comics.

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