April 8, 2005

They won a game!

And thus the (current) softball storyline comes to an end with today's strip. But don't fear, community softball fans (all four of you!), I'm sure there are lots more softball games in George's future.

I've got my syndicate pack all ready to go. 24 black and white comics, a color cover, title page and character introduction page, all bound and good-looking. I was thinking about it though, and wondering if syndicates want the comics loose-leaf. I think it looks so much better bound, so unless I found out otherwise in the next couple of days that's the way I'm sending it.

The "Caption this Picture" contest is still limping along but thus far there is only ONE entrant. I received a batch of five bumper stickers from my CafePress Store and they look fantastic. This is your chance to win one for free, all it takes is a funny caption!

I also want to mention SoVeryPosh.com since the owner was so nice as to link to my blog. It's a cool blog with lots of blog-worthy information.

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