May 30, 2005

It's the beginning of summer...sort of!

I almost forgot to post today's comic on account of the holiday...but it's still technically morning out here in California, so no worries, eh? Happy Memorial Day. Summer may not officially start for another three weeks, but it feelsl like it started about a week ago in Cali. And it just hit me that my birthday is drawing near...just about a month to go. I can't believe I'm going to be seems like just yesterday I was bustin' heads with Scottie Pippen and Horace Grant in NBA Jam. Boomshakalaka!

May 23, 2005

Planet Moron was right.

There's a new Monday comic up featuring The Paul again, hope you enjoy it. The real story here is that Planet Moron has good math skills. Let's just say that due to a lack of hours in the day, I will once again be posting new comic strips on Mondays and Thursdays, rather than the current Monday/Wednesday/Friday lineup. I know this means less George to fit into your weekly routine, but I think it's better that I do this rather than start missing deadlines or turning in shoddy work. I think two comics per week is about the minimum that can come out without causing anyone to lose interest, so I won't be dropping down to one per week unless something catostrophic happens, like me getting married or something (AAAAAH!).

But the real real story is Planet Moron's math skills, here. Remember when he posted this gem? "The unfortunate thing is if you cut back down to two per week that will reduce your workload only 33% meaning you'll still be doing 117% more work than before.Hey, statistics can't lie!" Well thanks a lot. I've cut back and I'm STILL doing more work!

May 20, 2005

They're on a roll!

Friday's comic is up. I guess this is the second time the Perkton squad has won a game due to some last-second heroics by Amanda. She's definitely their MVP.

I haven't reminded you all that the current installment of the Caption This Picture is still going, and there are some funny entries, but there aren't very many. It will end on Sunday night, so get your entries in and you might win a handsome George bumper sticker!

May 18, 2005

You throw like a GIRL!

Actually, those fast-pitch softball players blow my mind. If I even had the ABILITY to swing my arm in a circle that fast, I'm certain it would fly off, and the batter would undoubtedly have a split second where he or she would ponder which flying entity should actually be swung at.

Well anyway, tune in Friday when we'll find out if The Paul ruins George's afternoon, or if George is granted a reprieve from his atrocious pitch with a caught fly ball.

May 16, 2005

Abe ain't so tough.

In today's comic we get to peer into the inner workings of George's skull and see just how well prominent historical figures stand up to armor-clad 1970's arena rockers. As you can see, they don't stand up very well at all. But I think Abe Lincoln would beg for mercy at the spike-heeled boots of Gene Simmons, don't you?

May 11, 2005

Game on!

Well, they're back on the field again. There were just so many good ideas running around inside my head and bumping into each other that I had to put them back on the field for another round. Every now and then I think it'll be fun to put the characters in a community sports league of some kind, be it softball, basketball, or...uh, I dunno, that might be it.

May 10, 2005

George news; Contest winner announced

George has been mentioned by a newspaper website (North Carolina's "News & Observer") as a possible candidate to replace some of the worn-out, crusty old comics that you often see in the newspaper. So that's really cool. It would be awesome if they'd run it, but man, that would mean more than doubling my workload! It sounds pretty heavy but it WOULD be really cool to be featured in a newspaper on a daily basis, no matter how far away!

Also, congrats to Laurie Anderson for winning this week's (or...this past TWO weeks') caption contest! She'll be the proud owner of a new George bumper sticker.

May 9, 2005

One for the guitarists

New Monday comic up. Paul gave me the idea for this one, but initially I didn't think it would work because not everyone knows what a wah-wah pedal is, but I tweaked it so it gets explained. The original idea was to have Chain-link Jefferson stomping on Chiwawa complaining that "this wah-wah pedal don't work!" However, that would have meant killing Chiwawa and angering some animal-rights activists, get the watered-down version instead.

Contest winners for this week will be announced later today!

May 6, 2005

Quit yer yappin'

Chiwawa strikes again! This one stemmed from talking to my buddy Paul about dog training and how when you teach a dog to speak sometimes it's hard to get them to stop! Chiwawa is a great addition to the strip. Eventually I want to finally introduce George's cat, Ba-bing (thinking of calling it Bada-bing instead) and Dave's chimpanzee. Although I don't know much about chimps aside from my family (HAR!) so I don't know how well that would work...

By the way, the main site seems to be down right now. Stupid GeekHosting. If the above comic doesn't display for you, try back later!

May 4, 2005

Shake yo' groove thang

The saga of Chiwawa continues with the new Wednesday comic. I drew a chihuahua for a friend's website,, and thought it would make a great addition to the strip. So far, so good!

Could still use some entries in this week's "Caption This Picture" contest! Get 'em in, you've got a great chance to win a George bumper sticker!

May 2, 2005


Enter the first animal this comic strip has seen, not counting Dave or Sirloin. People with chihuahuas tell me I've nailed them down pretty well (not literally, though don't you feel like doing that sometimes?).

This past week's contest is going to be extended until this coming Sunday, because a) I haven't drawn a new picture to caption for this week, b) there weren't enough entrants to fairly declare a winner, and c) I was at a party last night and the last thing on my mind was drawing a new picture. Well, okay, second-to-last thing on my mind. I guess.