June 23, 2005

Comic numbah 50!

Today we usher in the 50th George comic strip. If I had planned it a little better I probably would have made some reference to it in the strip. Oh well, there will be plenty more milestones to celebrate in the future.

Also, hope it was enjoyable to watch Chain-link Jefferson, uh, age. But as with all storylines I come up with, I can't wait to start something fresh.

June 20, 2005

Chain-link unplugged! ...Plugged?

Hope everyone's enjoying Chain-link Jefferson's tales of past glory, or...tales of...no glory at all, I guess. It ends on Thursday and then the whole gang will be taking off to go to an Australian mountain range! ...Okay, so they're going to go to the flea market. Same thing, right?

June 16, 2005

The Chain-link saga continues, and more

More Chain-link comin' on down the line! Drawing him playing a ukelele is something I should do just for fun one of these days.

Also, check out this picture of Raul V's station at work:

That's a George bumper sticker! Thanks for the picture, Raul!

June 9, 2005

I got the Chain-link Jefferson blues...

Today's comic kicks off a line of comics featuring everyone's favorite old cartoon bluesman, Chain-link Jefferson. He's going to be reminiscing about his time in the 50's, 60's and 70's playing the blues. I think it'll be fun. Plus you'll get to see what he looked like 50 years ago (in...cartoon time). Have fun reading!

June 2, 2005

Jackhammerin' the night away

Thursday comic is up...these "server room nightmare" strips originated from something that actually happened at my place of employment; something similar but not as disastrous. There was much jackhammering and a big hole in the wall and they offered us earplugs which we all declined to wear, but began to look nervously at when they started up the jackhammer. I think they're gone now. They weren't jerks or anything; just men on a mission and no one was going to stop them from carrying it out.

Come to think of it, they never did show us their credentials.