July 13, 2005

All kinds of new stuff going on!

Thursday's comic is up a little early because frankly, I couldn't wait to debut the new "style" I'm doing the comics in (which, incidentally, is outlined in the "How a George Comic is Created" section). You'll notice the characters are bolder and sharper, the backgrounds in many cases are more colorful and detailed, and the overall comic is a little bit bigger than before. I made the comic and main website just large enough to fit comfortably on a screen set at 800x600 resolution...though, come on, if you're still using that resolution you seriously need to get a new monitor/video card or something!

The header graphic on the main website has been updated. The old one served me well for the past six months but the new one is definitely way cooler. Also, the titles of the pages are graphics now instead of boring old text. And you know about the new wallpaper and buddy icons. Plus, there's a new custom 404: Page Not Found error page that's way cooler than the dumb old black-and-white default one.

I also made this pretty cool Flash banner to help promote the site. I'm going to buy some advertising space at two or three comic sites around the web to help drive traffic to it. I've got a couple of non-animated banners as well, and one of them is currently in rotation at a fairly large webcomic listing site, so that's cool.

So tons of new stuff going on. Tell two friends! Then they'll tell two friends, and they'll tell two friends, and they'll...probably not care, but maybe they'll tell two friends too.

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