July 18, 2005

Fony--the world's leading electronics manufacturer

New Monday comic is up. I did a version of this comic years back when portable CD players were still kind of expensive (by today's standards) that had Dave buying a CD player with 40-second anti-skip and an AM/FM tuner for eighty dollars at the swap meet (flea market, whatever you want to call it). That seems ludicrous now, but I guess back then that was a fair deal for such a CD player. Also, the strip was set in the basic room with a table, not at the swap meet itself. And the punchline was different. But dang it, the basic premise was the same, I tell you!

I've set up a page where very kind people can donate to George, if they feel so inclined. Like it says there, any donations I receive will go straight into maintaining the comic strip and website, be it for hosting fees, advertising, or anything else about a comic strip/website that costs money. Mostly I think that any money I receive through donations will go into advertising, at least for now. I've been doing a lot of work over the past month or so to make the website and the comics better, and I'd really like to make a big marketing push now to get George more into the "internet eye." So if you feel like helping out, you know what to do! All donations are extremely appreciated.

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