August 18, 2005

Here, kitty kitty!

Well, today's strip marked the debut of George's cat. Sort of. I mean, George had a cat when I did the comic back in high school, but it was full-grown, was named Babong, and its origins were never fully disclosed. So now he gets a fresh start in the cat business, with the tiny kitten with the much cuter name of...well, you'll just have to tune in Monday to find out what its name is.

Also, I think I forgot to mention this (and if I did already mention this then...well, listen to it again), but there's a full-color PDF version of the first George book, featuring 64 of the comic's first strips. Download it from the Downloads page (where else?). It's not terribly big but is still of decent quality, at least for on-screen viewing. Happy reading.

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