September 30, 2005

Just got my George Comics book in the mail.

I just received my own copy of George Comics: The First Book from, and I have to say I'm incredibly pleased. It looks great. Like something you'd pick up in an actual bookstore. Like I've mentioned, you can pick one of these books up for less than $15 with shipping and everything. And now that I've finally got my hands on one, I can hereby give it my own personal stamp of approval! That...that's gotta be good for at least a buck fifty, right?

September 29, 2005

Inspired by real life

Today kicks off a fairly long storyline about Greg's sudden fascination with Macs. It sort of models my own, really, although I don't know yet if Greg is really going to buy a Mac or not. There's going to be a bit of a tug-of-war between two other characters who try to sway Greg either to the Mac completely or back to the PC. It's been a fun storyline to do so far, in fact, I think I've had more fun with this storyline than I have any other so far. Hope it's equally enjoyable to read!

September 22, 2005

A plethora of changes

Well, one big change for the George Comics website, one fairly big change for me, personally. First, check out the new navigation menu for the George archives. It's mondo improved over the old navigation menu, and was all programmed by Paul over at He programmed the previous navigation system as well, but it was just a conceptually bad system to begin with, I think. This new one is so much easier to use. You can browse comics all day long (or for 30 minutes or however long it takes to get through 76 comics), find them easily in the drop-down menu, and see every comic's release date and title right there. Give it a whirl!

Also, recently I purchased a Mac Mini. I didn't really have any reason to purchase it other than the fact that I wanted to give a Mac a whirl. I always hear about how they're so great for graphics and designing. Anyway, it's a great little computer and it amazes me how they can cram so much stuff into it. I recently did the first strip ever on the Mac, and it's a joy to use. It still takes some getting used to because the Mac OS is so much different from Windows, which I've been using exclusively for over a decade now. Sure beats Windows 3.11!

September 20, 2005

Archives down for maintenance!

Just wanted to let everyone know that the George archives are going to be down for probably at least a couple of days while I switch the site over to a new server. The archives were written in PHP, which the new server does not support; it supports ASP instead. But with the help of my buddy Paul we're gonna make a new comic archive navigation system from scratch that's gonna be a lot better than the old one.

September 15, 2005

The George Comics book: Finally for sale!

I know some people have been asking about a George book for some time now, and until recently I was just "home-brewing" (okay, "work-brewing") a few books here and there but not selling any at high volumes. Then I discovered, which has allowed me to make high-quality versions of the first George Comics book available. Check it out:

George Comics: The First Book

George Comics: The First Book features the first 73 George comic strips in glorious full-color print, a foreword from Chris Koehn, Artistic Director of, a word from me, calligraphy character sketches and a picture of the "Cooler than James Bond" George desktop wallpaper. It retails for $12.39 plus shipping--I know this might seem kind of pricey, but full-color printing is much more expensive than black-and-white printing. Actually I don't make much of a profit off each book, either, but I am just happy to get George books out there with people reading them. Oh, and if you choose standard media shipping as the shipping method, it's only like $2.46 (in America, anyway), so actually you can get the book for less than $15. Eh, not too bad for a book packed with such awesome comics, is it? ;)

September 12, 2005

Hurricane Relief Telethon

An exclusive four-panel George comic strip will be appearing on the Webcomic Telethon site sometime during Sept. 13 or 14. The Webcomic Telethon is a hurricane relief effort where visitors to the site read the comics and, hopefully, donate money when they read something they like. It's a very cool idea, so check it out! Eventually a book with many of the comics submitted to the site will be released...hopefully George will make the cut! In the meantime, there is in fact a new Monday comic up to keep you occupied.

September 5, 2005

Stupid Labor Day

Well, the day in question is not a bad day by any means, as most of us have the day off, but it made me forget to update George. Oh well, it's there now, just about eight hours behind schedule. Sorry about that. I hope this does not dissuade any of you from voting for George over at Webcomic Battle!