September 15, 2005

The George Comics book: Finally for sale!

I know some people have been asking about a George book for some time now, and until recently I was just "home-brewing" (okay, "work-brewing") a few books here and there but not selling any at high volumes. Then I discovered, which has allowed me to make high-quality versions of the first George Comics book available. Check it out:

George Comics: The First Book

George Comics: The First Book features the first 73 George comic strips in glorious full-color print, a foreword from Chris Koehn, Artistic Director of, a word from me, calligraphy character sketches and a picture of the "Cooler than James Bond" George desktop wallpaper. It retails for $12.39 plus shipping--I know this might seem kind of pricey, but full-color printing is much more expensive than black-and-white printing. Actually I don't make much of a profit off each book, either, but I am just happy to get George books out there with people reading them. Oh, and if you choose standard media shipping as the shipping method, it's only like $2.46 (in America, anyway), so actually you can get the book for less than $15. Eh, not too bad for a book packed with such awesome comics, is it? ;)

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