October 27, 2005

Inspired by real life...yet again

Today's comic is, until the very last panel (well, even a part of it) almost exactly what went down in our offices some time back. Our resident programmer, Paul, picked up the ringing phone that the secretary wasn't picking up, on account of...well, she just wasn't there. The person on the other line was looking for a company that had a name similar to what we had in the late 90's, and then asked if we accepted credit cards, which came rather out of the blue (I was later told that Paul almost told her, "Sure, send 'em on over."). Then, in an unrelated twist, almost immediately asked for someone who does not work in our office. After the good-byes were said I knew there was a comic strip on my hands. But that was from the silly putty.

I also notice that this blog is the "Featured Blog of the Day" at BlogExplosion! Awesome. ...What better time to plug the First George Comics Book over at lulu.com? :D

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