October 3, 2005

...Something looks different here.

That's because I decided to change the font on the comic, starting with today's strip. This new font is narrower without sacrificing readability, so I can fit a little more text onto each strip if necessary. Also, I just really like the look of it. It's cartoony and pretty easy on the eyes. The old font was fine, but sometimes fitting a lot of text into a particular panel was a challenge and I'd have to make some strategic edits. Plus, sometimes the commas and apostrophes would jump up or down to adjacent lines and try to pick fights with the other words, and this font keeps everything on a level playing field. Hopefully everyone else out there likes the new font as much as I do! I'm still sort of tweaking with the size, width, kerning, leading, all that good stuff. I'm going to find the absolutely optimal specifications for easy reading. Man, I got tired just writing that.

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