November 10, 2005

I'm a bad...blogmaster

I've only updated the blog like three times in the past three weeks, and for that, I apologize. I blame World of Warcraft. A friend of mine got me playing it, curse his hide! Now I'm enraptured with it. It's grabbed ahold of me like the One Ring and I'm afraid it's not going to let me go anytime soon. Don't worry though, I'll still manage to crank out the comics ;)

Man, what with Coach Demurson trying to sell the team's softball trophy, and Chiwawa put up for bids by none other than George, it makes you wonder nothing is sacred in the town of Perkton, California! Makes me wonder that, anyway. I'm sure, though, that Chiwawa will not be going home with a leather-clad biker. The softball trophy, however...well, it could be going to someone far more dubious, if he has his way.

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