December 30, 2005

Yes, yes, George Comics have been late...lately!

The Christmas season is an odd one. I should have more time to get comics done since I get over a week off from my job, and...well, okay, I do have more time to get comics done, but...I haven't been getting them done! It's an anomaly. OK, maybe it's not. I've been so relaxed and comfortable in my cozy den without having to worry about waking up and going to work that I've sort of let all of my responsibilities slide this week. And I have to watch my newly-received Seinfeld DVD box set! But anyway, I'm working on a new comic right now and with any luck I'll have a new one ready to go on Monday afternoon as well. Then my vacation's over and I expect things to be straightened out again with the incoming of 2006. Time for new year's resolutions and a clean slate! ...And a week later, time for broken resolutions and a positively filthy slate.

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