December 27, 2007

New Chain-link Jefferson Wallpaper!

Having a lot of free time on my hands what with working at a university that gives lengthy Christmas vacations, I took it upon myself to create a brand new Chain-link Jefferson desktop wallpaper. You didn't think you'd be using that Christmas wallpaper forever, did you?

December 26, 2007

Bulldog & Cooch: The Tribute

To those of you not familiar with what's going on in today's strip, let me help explain things a little...Bulldog & Cooch (and Skull, for that matter) are characters created by Scott Kurtz, who runs a little webcomic called Player Vs. Player (just...just to clarify, it's not really a little webcomic, in fact, it's rather massively popular!). Bulldog & Cooch are basically alternate personas of two of the strip's main characters, Cole and Brent, who are a throwback to 70's/80's "buddy-cop" shows. I love Bulldog & Cooch, and that's why I decided to make this strip in tribute to them, and to Scott Kurtz. Originally, I sent him the strip to see if he liked it, but unfortunately I never received a response, which could either mean he was too busy to reply, or that he hated it. Either way, I still didn't want the strip to go unnoticed by anyone at all, seeing how it took so long to make and how much I like it. So anyway, here it is...the Bulldog & Cooch tribute strip, courtesy of George.

December 21, 2007

Creating a font of your own handwriting

A couple of days ago, I decided, on a whim, that I was going to create a font based on my very own handwriting. The only problem was that I had no idea how to do this. Fortunately, I figured it out, but I wanted to spare others from having to go through the rigmarole of a learning process I had to go through to do it. That's why I created a tutorial showing exactly how to create a font based on your own handwriting. Maybe you're the type of person who wants to know how to do that sort of thing. If so, happy trails!

December 20, 2007

Bonus comic today!

Well, today's the day for one of those special bonus comics I promised you earlier this week. There will be another one coming on Christmas day! My gift to you. Don't say I don't spoil you.

December 19, 2007

Wacom Cintiq 12WX Review

I've noticed that quite a few people are coming here via Google searches for "Wacom Cintiq12WX," and I want to accommodate those visitors with my own Cintiq12WX product review. It includes pictures and links to YouTube videos I've recorded of the Cintiq in action. Hope this provides some of you with the information you need!

December 16, 2007

A couple of reminders...

I've noticed that even though traffic has been picking up lately, I haven't had any new e-mail subscribers in a long time! If you're not aware of the e-mail subscription service, it allows you to input your e-mail address and have George e-mailed to you every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It's quite a nifty little service and if you're the type (read: normal) of person who doesn't use the internet 24/7, you might like having comics e-mailed directly to you.

Also, don't forget that you can download the George holiday-themed wallpaper for the low, low price of one click, reduced from 2 clicks. Take advantage of this introductory offer now!

December 15, 2007

And so it is finished

Well, it's time to take the Intuos3 off the auction block, pack it up, and ship it to the lucky winner. I honestly didn't get quite as much for it as I'd hoped for, but I also didn't do too badly, either. I'm just glad that I've almost recouped my expenses from my Cintiq. Anyway, I've been sort of short of news to report (+3 RHYME POINTS) and for that I...cannot retort (OH, -1). I would like to say that as my Christmas gift to you, there will be two bonus George strips coming within the next week and a half. One will be on Christmas, and one will be the Thursday before Christmas. I had to wedge that one in because I sort of miscalculated my update schedule and had to finish the current storyline by Christmas eve and was left with little recourse but to give a BONUS UPDATE WOOO! And then, well, the Christmas one is just my way of saying Happy Festivus.

December 7, 2007

For Sale: One (1) Legendary Item

I am pleased to announce that my very own Wacom Intuos3 graphics tablet is up on the auction block. This thing has created quite a few George comics over the past few months, but it's finally time to let it go. Now that I have a Cintiq12WX, I just don't have any more use for it! But I take care of my possessions, and this thing is as....grey and flat as it was when I first unboxed it. So now's your chance to not only get a nice Intuos3 at a good price, but a chance to get your hands on a piece of George history.

December 6, 2007

Papa's Got a Brand New Bag....of AWESOME

Today, the UPS man played the role of Santa for me. He wasn't a very good Santa; he was too tanned, too dark-haired, too clean-shaven. He was kind of pudgy but not very jolly. Most importantly, though, was the great package he carried. After struggling for what felt like an eternity trying to sign my name on those incredibly defective digital calculator/notepads they carry around, I brought my treasure in, sliced the box open, and gazed in awe. I am the proud new owner of a Wacom Cintiq 12WX.

December 5, 2007

Couple of Things...

First off, the search page should now be working correctly. It hasn't been working since I re-designed the website a few months ago, and though I wracked my brains then trying to fix it, when I came back to it tonight the problem was incredibly apparent. So incredibly apparent that I must've had an IQ of 37 a few months ago.

Second, Chris sent in this photo of his ASUS EEE proudly displaying the 800x480 version of the George Christmas wallpaper. Thanks Chris!

December 1, 2007

Holiday Wallpaper!

I just finished up a brand new holiday-themed George wallpaper, and I really think you should check it out, because it took me a long. Ass. Time. Enjoy!

November 29, 2007

Headline: George shatters pageview record; creator arrested for public drunkenness

I'd like to say thank you to all you George readers out there for breaking the site's all-time one-day pageview record. Normally people get reprimanded when they break things, but not you. Instead, I want you to press your hand to the monitor and wait a few seconds; I will give you a high five. With my mind.

There is still some question as to exactly how many pageviews the site had yesterday, as Google Analytics says 2,101 while my server's stats software says 2,917. I say we settle this with a calculator battle between the two numbers. Hang on.

Okay, the two numbers came together and waged an epic battle until they were finally divided by two, somehow leaving only one number as the victor: 2509. 2509 pageviews in a day; modest numbers for many, spectacular numbers for George. I sincerely hope I can look back on the day when 2509 pageviews seems modest, but for now I'll enjoy the victory. Over the Internet.

November 24, 2007

To everyone who celebrated Thanksgiving Thursday...

...hope you had a good and safe one. My parents saddled me up with enough leftovers to ensure that I probably won't have to buy any groceries until December. Of 2008.

In other news, there's a little side project I've been working on; a writing project, actually. A friend inspired me to write a short story and enter it in a contest online, so I did. You can read my submission, Axult City, here. So anyway, I wrote that and then I started to get a little itch. A little itch that no cream will cure. I'm talking, of course, about the writing itch. Now I'm preparing to write a longer story about Axult City, though not a full-blown novel...somewhere in between a novel and a short story. A novella I guess?

Ever since I started reading Good Ship Chronicles, I keep picturing the main character of my story, Dr. William Lofeld, as looking like Hap Banning. This, of course, is awesome because Good Ship Chronicles is a great strip. It wouldn't kill you to read a few strips, unless you stumble upon the archived comic which triggers a blast of anti-matter rays from your monitor.

November 18, 2007

Just in case you're not a NERD like me

Don't fret if you don't get today's comic. I mean, I really hope it's strong enough to stand on its own without knowledge of what it's referencing, but if not, just chalk it up to bad luck this time. "Tasslehoff Birdfoot" is a play on the name of a popular character from the Dragonlance novels created by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. Tasslehoff Burrfoot is a kender--that is, a halfling with a penchant for picking locks, "accidentally" picking up items and trinkets that aren't his, and telling long-winded stories. Moreover, most kenders carry long (well, long for THEM) staves with what resembles a slingshot on one end. When I drew this comic I was just getting into the Dragonlance Chronicles trilogy, and the nerd in me is proud to say that I've now finished not only Chronicles, but the Legends trilogy that followed it as well. Not to mention The Legend of Huma, another great Dragonlance book, this one written by the quite legendary Richard A. Knaak. Hopefully before Thanksgiving I'll have wrapped up the sequel to that book, Kaz the Minotaur.

...Anybody out there still with me?

November 13, 2007

A Dedication

Today's comic goes out to my good friend Sharon, who bought a faulty iPod Mini from me around the first part of this year. Well, in all truth and fairness, it was not faulty when she purchased said iPod from me, but it did almost immediately become faulty upon said purchase. I tried to keep it on life support until she moved 1,000 miles away, where my tech support services were rendered unusable. Now I believe the iPod has puttered out completely. And so it is with this that I offer the heartfelt dedication of today's strip to Sharon, She of the Malfunctioning iPod Mini.

November 8, 2007

Greetings, international visitors.

I took a look at my site stats this afternoon and was fairly shocked at what I saw. So far this month, the top five cities for George visitors are not in the United States. Mostly, they're in the United Kingdom and southeast Asia. Overall, the United States generates more traffic, but no single city in the United States generates quite as much traffic as these top five international cities. I think this is absolutely wonderful and very cool, because I appreciate the concept of having international appeal, and I believe there's probably no way George could have international appeal without the internet. So anyway, hola, salut, bonjour, ni hao, hafa, barev, god dag, mabuhay, dobri, grüß gott, shwmai, namaste, marhabah, zdravstvuyte, labdien, and howdy to everyone out there.

November 6, 2007

Technology, how I love and loathe thee

Comic's up a bit on the early side today, because I'm going to be booked 'til noon tomorrow doing tech support for a business conference downtown, and I gotta get to bed early tonight. This will be the second time I've done tech support for this conference, and even though it's my job to know my way around computers, I'm still so deathly paranoid and worried that something is going to go horribly wrong. Like, someone is going to plug in their USB drive and the laptop is going to erupt in a nuclear explosion, I dunno. Maybe someone is going to double-click the PowerPoint icon and instead of their presentation loading, a hidden trap door swings open and the room and everyone in it tumbles into some other dimension where Apple has the operating system market cornered and pants wear us.

November 1, 2007

New "Weird Greg" wallpaper!

In honor of Halloween (ok, that's a lie but it sounds plausible), I made a new wallpaper yesterday evening, featuring Greg in full "Weird Al" costume. There's a version for most screen resolutions, and if yours isn't there, I'm sure all my readers are smart, talented, and attractive enough to manipulate the image into whatever size you need.

October 30, 2007

Nortoons Dot Com. is almost ready for an official launch. That doesn't mean it's going to happen soon, necessarily, but...well, it could. In fact, the only thing really stopping me from saying it's "officially" launched is the fact that I do not have any terms and conditions for purchasing artwork set up yet, and I've seen from other freelance cartoonists and designers that terms and conditions are not things to be trifled with, sort of like Peruvian Death Beetles. I have to make sure all the copyright stipulations are good and legal, that I don't get stiffed on payment, that I don't accidentally sell a cartoon to the devil in return for my eternal soul (See Paragraph 6, Line 14, "Documents signed in blood shall not be honored"). However, the site is functional and you can totally check the progress. Currently there are only a couple of things in the Portfolio, but I've been drawing madly and should be adding plenty more in the near future.

October 25, 2007

So I'm trying this new thing out. It's, and it's sort of like a social networking site where instead of signing up and filling out a profile and making a page out of it, your own existing website becomes your social networking page. From the name, it must have originally been intended for blogs only, but it's not limited as such anymore. Anyway, the "Recent Readers" box here on the front page is a list of...well, all the recent visitors to this website. If you've got a website or blog of your own I recommend shecking this place out, that is, until people get sick and tired of it and I cancel my membership.

In other news, in the relatively near future I'm going to open up a website where I'll hawk my wares as a commercial cartoonist. True, I'm...not a commercial cartoonist, but hey, we all gotta start somewhere, and my work will be cheap to start out with. More info on that in the coming weeks!

October 23, 2007

Reverend Mother will fix your wigwam.

A joint effort between myself and The Paul has brought this world fruitious results: my Blogger blog entries not only show up as news items on, but you can now comment on the blog posts directly from here. I have to give great thanks to Paul for his help in getting this up and running. I am no programmer, and I am in awe of anyone who can code a program in those arcane languages including, but not limited to, Basic, Visual Basic, Audio Basic, C, C Sharp, C++, C-, Satisfactory, Perl, Squerl, and Herl. ANYHOO. Leave some comments if anything catches your fancy, and let me know if you find any problems that I, in my limited wisdom, have not protected this website against, including, but not limited to, flying nuns.

October 22, 2007

Might as well JUMP!

Van Halen was one of my favorite bands before they canned Michael Anthony in favor of Eddie's son, Wolfgang. Ugh. And so I couldn't really be any happier that this happened.

Anyway, today's comic, for the most part, hits pretty close to home for me. I truly am a stubborn jackass and I say the same thing George does here. However...well, you'll see in Wednesday's strip how things can go...terribly, terribly wrong.

Or at least a real tiny bit wrong.

October 19, 2007

I think this is going to work.

My plan is fully in motion. As of around 11 p.m. last night, I've got it rigged so that my Blogger posts show up on the front page of the main website. Which is, of course, fantastic for a couple of reasons: It allows you, my loving and loyal and attractive readers, to view my rambling thoughts on a regular basis. Moreover, however, it allows me to want to have these rambling thoughts on a regular basis instead of once every few fortnights. Anyway, changes are still coming. I disabled Haloscan comments and reverted back to good old-fashioned Blogger comments, which totally destroys any comments that anyone has left me over the, like two years...but hey! This is a new era for George. George is entering what I like to call "The Internet Age," which is a phrase I just coined just right now and trademarked over the phone via text-message on the way to work this morning so you can't use it. Unless you're talking about George. Then, proceed.

October 12, 2007

Two Hundred Bones

Today marks George comic number 200. I think most people say things like, "Wow, I can't believe I've already made 200 strips! Time has gone by so fast!" Well, not me. Frankly, I can't believe I've only made 200 comics. Doesn't that seem like a small number? Okay, maybe it only seems like a small number because there have been over 10,000 Garfield comic strips, but I like to think that I've been able to squeeze more laughs out of my 200 strips than Jim Davis has from his 10,000+ Garfield strips. Wishful thinking? Maybe. Absolutely wrong? Probably. Do I really care? .....A little. Anyway, happy 200th, George.

September 28, 2007

In search of the elusive blog post!

Sorry I'm barely able to keep this thing up-to-date lately. There's just not much going on, I'm sad to report. I'm still cranking out comics three times a week, and I think this schedule is going to stick. There's a good balance of uptime and downtime, and since I've pretty much devoted a huge bulk of my free time to the comic, getting new comics done doesn't seem so difficult. Plus, there's the added benefit of working at a job where I can even work on comics here. But shhh. Don't tell anyone.

September 14, 2007

Awwww yeah!

That's what I'm talkin' about! I redesigned the George website today. I think it looks so much cooler than it did before. The only downside is that people using 800x600 resolution will have to scroll to the right a bit to see the entire comic. But honestly, people, if you're using 800x600 resolution, I've got a message from 1999 for you. It wants its resolution back; also, it wants to know how that Y2K bug thing is going to pan out.

September 12, 2007

Fresh George artwork

I've decided to use the new George forums to post new sketches and artwork from time to time that you won't be able to find anywhere else. You don't have to be a member to view anything there, but you will need to register if you want to start topics or reply to them!

September 10, 2007

New font!

I've changed the font for every comic starting September 4 (to coincide with the new style of coloring that debuted that day, you see). I think this new font is a lot cleaner, thicker (without being too heavy), and more readable than the font I've been using for nearly two years. I underwent extensive consultation with a panel of judges to find out what the best font for the comic should have been. Okay, I asked five friends repeatedly over the course of the evening "ok which font do you like better, the first or the second?" It was sort of like when you go to the eye doctor to get fitted for glasses, and he does the ol' A/B switch on you over and over, except this time the letter chart is a comic font, the big machine covering your face is your monitor, and the eye doctor is a very odd and annoying web designer who spends his free time making comics.

September 9, 2007

Forums are back!

The George Forums are up and running again. I was not happy with the board system I was using, so I shopped around and found the Web Wiz Forums and, well, so far so good. They look way more professional than what I was using before. Sign up today and give them a spin!

September 6, 2007

More Big News!

Lately I've been really immersed in the strip. More than ever before. Which is excellent. I've got a pretty big stockpile of comics going and, unlike two years ago, I see nothing on the horizon preventing me from cranking out more and more. And so after much thought and hesitation, I have decided to once again put George on a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule. Since January when I started making new strips again, I've basically tried to update the strip about every three days, but didn't want to stick to a set schedule because I tend to become too frazzled when I set deadlines for myself. But...if I really want to make it in the webcomics world, I've got to push myself, and I've learned from my past mistakes. And, although I don't plan on resorting to this, if I find it's all a bit too much for me I'll just scale it back to Monday-Thursday updates like it was when the strip first started. In any case, I think it's time we got George back on the regular update track!

Headline: George breaks its own modest 1-day traffic record

All the hits have been tallied, and it's official. Yesterday, more people visited George than ever before. The numbers are still modest, though, but about 30% higher than the previous daily record which was set back in January. 105 people visited the site yesterday, and I can only hope that number climbs as the days go on! Thanks to all the new visitors who have stopped by, and all the old ones who continue to drive me to...well, keep making comics!

September 4, 2007

With today's comic...

...comes a new era for George! ...Kind of!

Today marks the first release of a George comic done with the "new" style of coloring I've taken to using. Basically, I used to export the line art from Flash to Photoshop in .png format, flatten the file, use the magic eraser to delete the white background, and start adding color to the characters with the paint bucket tool. When all that was done, I'd add a little stroke around the outside of the characters, and also apply a slight bevel/emboss effect to make them look a little bit "3-D," and finally put a dark offset layer over the top of it to add a little shadow effect. Basically, I wasn't taking a very proactive route in making my comic look good; I just blasted it with Photoshop effects to try to make it look good.

I've realized that if I really want to make the strip stand out, I have to put more time into the coloring process. This means taking more care to be sure that all elements of the characters are COMPLETELY colored in (no little gray pixels here where lines meet color), and adding shadows completely by hand instead of just covering all the characters with a smoky gray layer which robs them of their vibrant color. There are other subtle differences I won't completely go into detail with here, but suffice to say the comics take a little longer to make now, but in my opinion, look much better. Also, I'm allowing the comics to be taller...the panels are 20% taller than before, and I'm going to let talk bubbles float up above the tops of the panels a little if necessary. This will lessen the "cramp" factor I sometimes run into when making strips. All this change is forcing me to really put more time and effort into the strip, and you know what? I'm having a lot of fun doing it. Every comic feels like much more of a creative process now, instead of just going through the motions to push out a new product every few days. I hope people notice the difference. And if they don', refer them to this blog post, will ya?

August 27, 2007

Spiffy new website!

Although you might not notice, the George Comics website is actually entirely new as of...well, right now. You see, it is now (for the most part) styled completely using CSS, which is something I wanted to do about six months ago, but basically I needed to get off my ass, learn CSS. Now I've gotten quite decent at it, so I did it. Truth be told, there were a few parts of the old website that were laid out in such hairy tables that I just shuddered and dropped the content into the CSS template, ugly code and all, but I like to think I kept that kind of stuff on the pages nobody ever, "Sirloin in the Nude" and "The Archives."

Anyway...give it a spin next time you're there and let me know if you find any problems!

August 4, 2007


Okay, I'm a little late on this one, but I actually want to go back to the comic I posted on August 1. As with most comics I do that draw off some sort of outside inspiration, I'd like to share this inspiration with you now.

Prepare yourself for hilarity before clicking.

That picture was taken by my Canadian buddy Chris, and it's 100% legit. It makes me wonder if the people running the store were too lazy or low on income to have the sign changed, or just have no idea it's spelled wrong. The world may never know.

July 7, 2007

I am very pleased, happy, elated, joyous, gleeful and ecstatic to announce the availability of a new George Comics book. Featuring 99 strips from the past year and a half, this book is bigger and better than the first. And rightfully so, as it's also $1.60 more! But trust me, my's $1.60 well-spent.

Yesterday evening I just got hit by some motivation to make a new book, as I had plenty of new strips and the first book is pretty crusty. I can't even bear to look at half the strips in the old book anymore. The new one is awesome. And most likely there won't be a third book for like another year and a half, better buy this one. I guess.

Oh, ok, fine. If you want to preview the book first, you can check out this lower-quality web version. It looks pretty gnarly compared to the print version and it has no cover, but at least you can see the guts, and that's what counts!

July 2, 2007

Another flashback!

Here's the original comic that today's comic is based on:

I made it...oh, many years ago, and you can see that my skill at coloring comics has come along greatly since then. Still, it's definitely cool to look back on some of the old strips that have become new ones. ...uh, for me, anyway.

May 30, 2007

Henceforth...slightly different format for all comics!

In a move that probably should have been done long ago, I've decided that instead of releasing George comics as .gif files, they're going to be .jpg from now on. It's a double-edged sword but I think I've manage to be spared by both edges--the good thing is that with .jpg, the comics will look much "smoother," as they aren't limited to only 256 colors as .gifs are, which sometimes causes a "grainy" look, especially in areas where there are gradient colors.

What kept me from changing, though, was the fact that .gifs support transparency, which allows the webpage beneath the image to show through in some areas, notably the space between each panel of the comic. I thought it would look better if the comic integrated seamlessly into the webpage with the blue background showing through. Now, however, the new .jpg comics will feature a white background with a thin black border around it...and hey, I think it looks pretty good.

The comic file-sizes are bigger now, however...each one is going to be about 100KB, whereas before they were an average of about 70KB. Peanuts to those of you on broadband, but I'm sure it's going to put the squeeze on the dial-up population that's still left. Oh well...maybe this will finally push them to join the rest of the world in upgrading to broadband ;)

May 18, 2007

150th George Comic!

Huzzah, only 350 to go until Wikipedia will allow me to have a George Comics entry. Funny how Wikipedia is the encyclopedia that "anybody can edit." Anybody who their moderators deem worthy, of course.

I recently made some cash on the side through some website design work, so I plugged a little money into advertising George--so far, traffic numbers are indeed up a bit, so if there are any new folks reading the strip (and....the blog), welcome aboard!

May 11, 2007

Keeping with the "New [thing]!" theme...

New George promotion graphic!

In my ongoing endeavors to drive traffic to the website, I've resurrected the Promotion page, albeit minus the three different-sized ever-changing comic graphics. The regular-sized comic is just too unwieldy for most websites and it is a major pain to upload the two smaller graphics every time I update the comic, so...out of pure laze, those are out. But the good news is, there's a brand spanking new image there on the page, and it's animated, too! Woohoo! So if you're a webmaster and you're a George lover--and who among you isn't, consider putting up a George graphic if you haven't already--and to those of you who have, you deserve my undying gratitude, at least, until I die.

May 8, 2007

New searchable comics!

I'm happy to announce the addition of a comic search function for George! Now when you awake at night in a cold sweat, your heart and mind desperately seeking to know all the George strips in which Sirloin has appeared, you can actually do something about it besides cry yourself back to sleep. Let there be much rejoicing!

May 2, 2007

New stuff!

A couple of new things: There's a new George desktop wallpaper available to download! I think you'll agree that the Dorkmobile is the flyest ride this side of Wonder Woman's invisible jet.

Also, though it's really not a big deal and actually kind of sad that it's taken this long, the main site finally features a favicon. This tiny icon shows up in your browser's address bar and open George tabs, and next to the site name in your bookmarks. I should have done it a long, long time ago, back when it was actually fashionable for a site to have a favicon, but...a combination of laze and apathy prevented me from doing so. Not anymore.

I also want to remind everyone that you can have new George comics emailed to you so you don't have to check the site for updates all the time. It's a great service and I think it works very well, so check it out!

April 23, 2007

New swag!

Just a quick post...there's all KINDS of new stuff over at the George Store. Check it out. There are more shirts than you can shake a cat at.

April 20, 2007

Well....that was pretty quick

Check out the new George Comics Subscription page. I'm not entirely certain how it's going to work yet, so consider this in beta format right now. I'm pretty certain that if you subscribe, you'll receive the newest comic in your inbox the next midnight after I post it. I'm subscribed, too, so I can check and see if the feed is working like I intend it to. I encourage you to subscribe if for no other reason than to let me know of any bugs that might be in the system so I can work them out. Also, thanks to the people who gave me feedback regarding my last post!

April 19, 2007

A matter of some importance

This is just copied and pasted from my MySpace blog, but it's very important that I post this here, as well. If you don't have time to read the entire thing, please at least skip to and read the last paragraph. It's the most important one.

Okay. So I have been doing a spot of thinking lately, and as we all know, that's when bad stuff happens. Anyway, I was thinking about why my comic strip doesn't get much traffic, despite the fact that it's been around for over two years and that most people I meet genuinely like the strip.

I have come to the following conclusion: George has always been intended as a comic that anyone, regardless of age, could theoretically find funny and interesting if they have a quirky enough sense of humor to enjoy it. That sort of mentality flies in the newspaper funny pages (where I initially foresaw George during its inception; it was never truly meant to be a webcomic until relatively recently), but it doesn't transfer to the realm of the internet webcomic very easily. You see, generally, the people who frequent the internet not only on a daily basis, but consistently throughout the day, obviously make up a huge chunk of internet traffic. It takes a special, certain kind of person to sit their asses on a chair in front of a computer for more than half of their waking hours. These people are often jaded, cynical, and sarcastic, though usually witty and desiring their humor intake to have these same traits. That's why comic strips like Penny Arcade, CAD, Megatokyo, and PVP Online are incredibly popular. They are all heavily geek- and gamer-oriented and each display at least a touch of all or most of the traits I mentioned earlier.

However...if you are a casual internet user, which I descry that many readers of my blog are, odds are you've never even heard of those four webcomics. If you are a casual internet user, you probably questioned whether they are really "incredibly popular" or not. The truth is, none of those comics are popular on the same level as something like Dilbert is. But they are far more popular than Dilbert is on the internet. It's all about the medium...Dilbert is in the newspaper, and "normal" people read the newspaper, often daily. Penny Arcade is only found online, and "normal" people don't read geek/gamer comics on a computer screen on a nearly-daily basis. But it could not survive in the standard newspaper funny pages. The population at large wouldn't understand it and wouldn't want to read it. Well...the reverse is what I think I've got going on with George.

I know lots of people personally, and maybe you're one of them, who enjoy reading George on an occasional basis, usually when I force you to, but don't visit the site apart from when I hassle you to do so. And that's fine, because I know that you have lives that are busy and you don't always have time to visit a comic strip site online. But my question is this: What can I do to turn you into a regular reader? I'm not talking about content changes to the strip, I'm talking more in technical terms here. For example: Would you read the strip often if it were somehow sent to your e-mail inbox whenever I update it? Would you subscribe to a newsletter that alerts you when the comic has been updated, so you can check it out at your leisure? I implore you, my internets friends, to give me some ideas I can use to hopefully make George a more widespread indulgence among you, the backbone of the world wide web, the casual internet user.

A special occasion

Today there's a one-off comic celebrating the birth of my friend Paul and his wife Jamie's twin girls. They were scheduled for delivery yesterday afternoon, and I still have not heard any news, but I'm sure everything's fine. We will return to our regularly scheduled comickery tomorrow.

April 16, 2007

New George site design!

I took a little initiative and replaced a lot of stuff on the main George Comics website that's been there for over two years now. I finally think every single image/part of the site has been updated at some point along the road since I started the site. That's your cue to go check out what's new!

April 14, 2007

Whoopsie daisy.

Early this morning I accidentally put up the wrong comic. That one's supposed to come out in a few days. ...I doubt anyone noticed. Anyway, if you saved a copy of it locally you could probably plaster it around the internet and say you got an advance copy, and you would be looked upon as a God. Awesome.

March 26, 2007

Least he still has his guitar

The Chain-link Jefferson mini-saga comes to a tidy end, and I still got to throw Ed McMahon into the mix!

Work is progressing on the animated George short I mentioned a few days ago...Last night I compiled 25 seconds of audio to which the animation will be set. Once I get off my duff and start the actual animation process, I doubt that it will take TOO long to finish. A week, maybe? Anyway, you loyal viewers, of which there are a few of you, will be the first to see it!

Oh, and I nearly's a short snippet of the audio that's going to be featured in the final animation.

March 20, 2007


First let me say that I'm planning new George comics in the very near future. First, however, I'm going to dig into my newest project...A 25-second animated George short which I will (hopefully) be creating for a video contest at Fresno State. It's not glamorous, but it affords me a reason to get off my duff and finally learn animation. Take a gander over here to see a quick five-second snippet of Animated George.

Surprisingly, the above clip only took a couple days of work, and I've never animated anything on even this large of a scale, certainly not with sound. It's really been a learning process, but not a difficult far. We'll see how that progresses.

February 28, 2007

I'll have no shortage of Badabing gags

Sorry for the recent lack of George updates, but life's been busy! Most notably, with the addition of my new cat, Abby. I totally would have named her Badabing, but I adopted her from an animal shelter where her name, Abby, was already on record and I figured what the hey. Anyway, like most people who hated Myspace once upon a time, I have a Myspace page (I felt very dirty about it for the longest time) and if you feel so inclined, you can read my blog posts about Abby or add me as a friend or whatever. Like my flickr page, I'm mainly telling you about it so you can see that I am not being a total lazy bum, even when George updates get thin. If the cat ever dies, then you may all freely call me a complete and utter lazy bum.

February 12, 2007

The real Chain-Link Jefferson

My buddy Paul recently told me about an old cat named Mance Lipscomb, who was an old-school blues guitarist who came to "prominence" in the 60's and early 70's, though he never really got incredibly popular. Anyway, the moment I saw and heard him, I know, if this guy wore big black sunglasses, he would be exactly as I picture Chain-Link Jefferson would be in real life. Take a look at this video.

Anyway, we're starting off on a Chain-Link Jefferson storyline, so hang onto your worn, tattered hats and beat-up vintage acoustic guitars.

February 7, 2007

Yet another oldie update...

Today's comic is another update of a comic I first did years ago...This particular example was made about six years ago, I believe, though it may have been a little longer...I can't remember if it was a high school or early college thing. ANYWAY, here it is:


Ugh. As far as I'm concerned, if that old comic was a movie, it would be unwatchable. It would be Showgirls, minus the attractive nude females. I'm so glad I'm not that bad anymore.

February 5, 2007

And so The Paul gets what he deserves.

...A spotlight on national television and tons of media attention!! Steal your friends' (or enemies') inventions, kids.

Anyway, I got my new furniture all set up, and my apartment (especially my bedroom) still has a ways to go before I am totally happy with it, but now I have more time for George updates. Expect a couple new comics a week until the next catastrophe.

February 2, 2007


I have two comics ready and rarin' to go, but neither of them are an ending to the "The Paul Steals Dave's Invention and Goes on National Late-Night Television" storyline we've got going here, and I'd like to neatly wrap this one up before posting those other two. However, I'm having a hard time finishing the storyline because of 1) redecorating my apartment, and 2) my newfound, budding interest in photography.

I recently bought a Canon Powershot a540 for just $150 in-box on eBay and I am having a ball with it despite not really having much to take pictures of. A couple of friends of mine have been teaching me how to manually set the camera to take photos under different conditions without having to resort to the "auto" mode. Hey, I think it's a good hobby to have, and if it does cut into my George time, at least I'm still doing something productive.

I've even set up my own Flickr page so you can check out my "progress" (I use quotes because progress implies I am steadily improving my skill...which I am probably not) and so you can know that, even when George updates are thin, I am still doing something creative and not rotting in a puddle of my own drool wearing nothing but underwear and suspenders the whole weekend.

January 29, 2007

Re-doing the ol' apartment

Just FYI, for the next week or two, George updates may be a little sparser than they have been lately because I am pretty much overhauling my apartment. After one of my friends said "It looks like you basically transplanted mom's apartment into a place above ground" I decided it was time for a change. I'm boxing up all my CDs and stuff cluttering my TV area right now, cleaning out my closets to make room for junk, and plan on bringing in some new...well, some actual furniture. Also, I just came to the realization that nobody's used CD towers since like 1998, yet I have four. I just took them all down, too. Thank heavens for MP3, man.

January 25, 2007

Forgive me for being brief...

But I just played my guitar more strongly than I have in at least a year, and my fingers are killing me. Each keystroke is like a tiny dagger through my fingertip.

Anyway, yeah, there's David Letterman in today's comic. I had a great deal of fun drawing Letterman and his show, as it were, although...don't look for him to become much of a recurring character!

January 20, 2007

George Comics Blog Post #100!

Blogger's dashboard tells me that this is the 100th George blog post. I think it may be lying to me, but I am far, far too lazy to count them. So I will accept this as fact.

Anyway, if you check out the main George website, you might notice that there are lots of shiny new graphics strewn about the site. I'm currently in the process of learning how to design websites using CSS--I know, I am way behind the curve. I didn't do or learn a single thing in 2006. I feel like I'm a year behind everything, and now I have to play catch-up. So anyway, in the coming months, expect to see a new George website, coded using CSS. It's going to look sweeet--I have no idea what it's going to look like, but rest assured I would not go live with it unless it was way cooler than the current site, which, I think is still pretty cool.

I've been trying to buy a good deal of advertising for George in the past couple of weeks. I madly and badly need to establish and surpass the level of readership that the comic attained around the very early part of 2006, before everything went a-crumblin' down. That being said, if you are willing to add a link to George on your own website, every little bit helps and I would certainly appreciate it much!

January 14, 2007

I am VERY proud to say...

...that over the past 10 days, there's been just as many new George comics as in the entire 11-month period preceding it. That's how you know we're on a roll, folks.

Big things are planned for Dave's new invention. Can you say, Late-Night Television?

January 10, 2007

New comic, and changes to the George website!

Even when you see Dave's invention, you're still going to need at least 50 guesses to figure out what it is.

Anyway, if you head on over to the George Comics website, you might notice a few little changes. For starters, there's a whole new header graphic--bigger, better...uh...uncut. And if you go to the "Meet the Characters" page, all characters have had their "mug shots" updated, said mug shots have a colorful "roll-over" effect, and now The Paul has his own characters page! Also, each character's page features a mini Characters menu so you don't have to keep hitting the back button to see all the character profiles. Before it's all said and done I'd like to make some more changes to the site, and hopefully get the forums back up and running for the first time in at least a year. If there's anything you'd like to see on the site, please feel free to e-mail me at!

January 7, 2007


Oh, that rascally Dave. I love this comic, I'm not ashamed to say. My buddy told me to add a joke about cranking the oven to ELEVEN, to which I responded, "That joke is SO overused." But I had to use it anyway, because it's way overused. And...ok, if you don't know what it's from, it stems from some dialogue in the movie This Is Spinal Tap where the band's guitarist, Nigel Tufnel, reveals that he has modified his amplifiers to go to 11, instead of 10. The interviewer asks him, "Why don't you just make 10 louder?" Nigel is completely baffled, and after a few moments says, "...But these go to 11." Over the past 20 years, "cranking it up to 11" has been used way too many times, but I still can't help but fondly remember the look on Nigel's face when I hear it.

January 4, 2007

Vintage George

The newest comic actually is based on a very old George strip I made back in, like, 10th or 11th grade. It is comparatively awful. it is anyway, for your viewing and comparing pleasure:

My apologies if the above link doesn't work...Geocities has a very, very limited amount of bandwidth for their free website hosting, and 9 years ago, free was all I could afford.

These darn cobwebs. I dunno why I keep letting them bother me.

Sheesh, is it 2007 already?! Man, I knew I shoudln't have turned off the snooze.

But kicking off the year, it's a NEW GEORGE COMIC. I know you haven't seen one of those in about six months, and I sincerely apologize for that. For more than a year now, there have been certain...issues which have prevented me from devoting much time to the strip, or even being very passionate about it. I really hope those issues are gone, because it was really fun making this one and dammit, George deserves better than a few comics every six months. While I still don't think I'm ready to stick to a set schedule of release days, I do wish to come out with at least one new comic a week, maybe more. Thanks to all the loyal George fans who haven't forgotten about me or the strip...I hope I can repay your loyalty with some really funny stuff in 2007.