January 29, 2007

Re-doing the ol' apartment

Just FYI, for the next week or two, George updates may be a little sparser than they have been lately because I am pretty much overhauling my apartment. After one of my friends said "It looks like you basically transplanted mom's apartment into a place above ground" I decided it was time for a change. I'm boxing up all my CDs and stuff cluttering my TV area right now, cleaning out my closets to make room for junk, and plan on bringing in some new...well, some actual furniture. Also, I just came to the realization that nobody's used CD towers since like 1998, yet I have four. I just took them all down, too. Thank heavens for MP3, man.

January 25, 2007

Forgive me for being brief...

But I just played my guitar more strongly than I have in at least a year, and my fingers are killing me. Each keystroke is like a tiny dagger through my fingertip.

Anyway, yeah, there's David Letterman in today's comic. I had a great deal of fun drawing Letterman and his show, as it were, although...don't look for him to become much of a recurring character!

January 20, 2007

George Comics Blog Post #100!

Blogger's dashboard tells me that this is the 100th George blog post. I think it may be lying to me, but I am far, far too lazy to count them. So I will accept this as fact.

Anyway, if you check out the main George website, you might notice that there are lots of shiny new graphics strewn about the site. I'm currently in the process of learning how to design websites using CSS--I know, I am way behind the curve. I didn't do or learn a single thing in 2006. I feel like I'm a year behind everything, and now I have to play catch-up. So anyway, in the coming months, expect to see a new George website, coded using CSS. It's going to look sweeet--I have no idea what it's going to look like, but rest assured I would not go live with it unless it was way cooler than the current site, which, I think is still pretty cool.

I've been trying to buy a good deal of advertising for George in the past couple of weeks. I madly and badly need to establish and surpass the level of readership that the comic attained around the very early part of 2006, before everything went a-crumblin' down. That being said, if you are willing to add a link to George on your own website, every little bit helps and I would certainly appreciate it much!

January 14, 2007

I am VERY proud to say...

...that over the past 10 days, there's been just as many new George comics as in the entire 11-month period preceding it. That's how you know we're on a roll, folks.

Big things are planned for Dave's new invention. Can you say, Late-Night Television?

January 10, 2007

New comic, and changes to the George website!

Even when you see Dave's invention, you're still going to need at least 50 guesses to figure out what it is.

Anyway, if you head on over to the George Comics website, you might notice a few little changes. For starters, there's a whole new header graphic--bigger, better...uh...uncut. And if you go to the "Meet the Characters" page, all characters have had their "mug shots" updated, said mug shots have a colorful "roll-over" effect, and now The Paul has his own characters page! Also, each character's page features a mini Characters menu so you don't have to keep hitting the back button to see all the character profiles. Before it's all said and done I'd like to make some more changes to the site, and hopefully get the forums back up and running for the first time in at least a year. If there's anything you'd like to see on the site, please feel free to e-mail me at john@george-comics.com!

January 7, 2007


Oh, that rascally Dave. I love this comic, I'm not ashamed to say. My buddy told me to add a joke about cranking the oven to ELEVEN, to which I responded, "That joke is SO overused." But I had to use it anyway, because it's way overused. And...ok, if you don't know what it's from, it stems from some dialogue in the movie This Is Spinal Tap where the band's guitarist, Nigel Tufnel, reveals that he has modified his amplifiers to go to 11, instead of 10. The interviewer asks him, "Why don't you just make 10 louder?" Nigel is completely baffled, and after a few moments says, "...But these go to 11." Over the past 20 years, "cranking it up to 11" has been used way too many times, but I still can't help but fondly remember the look on Nigel's face when I hear it.

January 4, 2007

Vintage George

The newest comic actually is based on a very old George strip I made back in, like, 10th or 11th grade. It is comparatively awful. But...here it is anyway, for your viewing and comparing pleasure:


My apologies if the above link doesn't work...Geocities has a very, very limited amount of bandwidth for their free website hosting, and 9 years ago, free was all I could afford.

These darn cobwebs. I dunno why I keep letting them bother me.

Sheesh, is it 2007 already?! Man, I knew I shoudln't have turned off the snooze.

But kicking off the year, it's a NEW GEORGE COMIC. I know you haven't seen one of those in about six months, and I sincerely apologize for that. For more than a year now, there have been certain...issues which have prevented me from devoting much time to the strip, or even being very passionate about it. I really hope those issues are gone, because it was really fun making this one and dammit, George deserves better than a few comics every six months. While I still don't think I'm ready to stick to a set schedule of release days, I do wish to come out with at least one new comic a week, maybe more. Thanks to all the loyal George fans who haven't forgotten about me or the strip...I hope I can repay your loyalty with some really funny stuff in 2007.