January 4, 2007

These darn cobwebs. I dunno why I keep letting them bother me.

Sheesh, is it 2007 already?! Man, I knew I shoudln't have turned off the snooze.

But kicking off the year, it's a NEW GEORGE COMIC. I know you haven't seen one of those in about six months, and I sincerely apologize for that. For more than a year now, there have been certain...issues which have prevented me from devoting much time to the strip, or even being very passionate about it. I really hope those issues are gone, because it was really fun making this one and dammit, George deserves better than a few comics every six months. While I still don't think I'm ready to stick to a set schedule of release days, I do wish to come out with at least one new comic a week, maybe more. Thanks to all the loyal George fans who haven't forgotten about me or the strip...I hope I can repay your loyalty with some really funny stuff in 2007.

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