February 2, 2007


I have two comics ready and rarin' to go, but neither of them are an ending to the "The Paul Steals Dave's Invention and Goes on National Late-Night Television" storyline we've got going here, and I'd like to neatly wrap this one up before posting those other two. However, I'm having a hard time finishing the storyline because of 1) redecorating my apartment, and 2) my newfound, budding interest in photography.

I recently bought a Canon Powershot a540 for just $150 in-box on eBay and I am having a ball with it despite not really having much to take pictures of. A couple of friends of mine have been teaching me how to manually set the camera to take photos under different conditions without having to resort to the "auto" mode. Hey, I think it's a good hobby to have, and if it does cut into my George time, at least I'm still doing something productive.

I've even set up my own Flickr page so you can check out my "progress" (I use quotes because progress implies I am steadily improving my skill...which I am probably not) and so you can know that, even when George updates are thin, I am still doing something creative and not rotting in a puddle of my own drool wearing nothing but underwear and suspenders the whole weekend.

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