February 28, 2007

I'll have no shortage of Badabing gags

Sorry for the recent lack of George updates, but life's been busy! Most notably, with the addition of my new cat, Abby. I totally would have named her Badabing, but I adopted her from an animal shelter where her name, Abby, was already on record and everything...so I figured what the hey. Anyway, like most people who hated Myspace once upon a time, I have a Myspace page (I felt very dirty about it for the longest time) and if you feel so inclined, you can read my blog posts about Abby or add me as a friend or whatever. Like my flickr page, I'm mainly telling you about it so you can see that I am not being a total lazy bum, even when George updates get thin. If the cat ever dies, then you may all freely call me a complete and utter lazy bum.

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