March 26, 2007

Least he still has his guitar

The Chain-link Jefferson mini-saga comes to a tidy end, and I still got to throw Ed McMahon into the mix!

Work is progressing on the animated George short I mentioned a few days ago...Last night I compiled 25 seconds of audio to which the animation will be set. Once I get off my duff and start the actual animation process, I doubt that it will take TOO long to finish. A week, maybe? Anyway, you loyal viewers, of which there are a few of you, will be the first to see it!

Oh, and I nearly's a short snippet of the audio that's going to be featured in the final animation.

March 20, 2007


First let me say that I'm planning new George comics in the very near future. First, however, I'm going to dig into my newest project...A 25-second animated George short which I will (hopefully) be creating for a video contest at Fresno State. It's not glamorous, but it affords me a reason to get off my duff and finally learn animation. Take a gander over here to see a quick five-second snippet of Animated George.

Surprisingly, the above clip only took a couple days of work, and I've never animated anything on even this large of a scale, certainly not with sound. It's really been a learning process, but not a difficult far. We'll see how that progresses.