May 2, 2007

New stuff!

A couple of new things: There's a new George desktop wallpaper available to download! I think you'll agree that the Dorkmobile is the flyest ride this side of Wonder Woman's invisible jet.

Also, though it's really not a big deal and actually kind of sad that it's taken this long, the main site finally features a favicon. This tiny icon shows up in your browser's address bar and open George tabs, and next to the site name in your bookmarks. I should have done it a long, long time ago, back when it was actually fashionable for a site to have a favicon, but...a combination of laze and apathy prevented me from doing so. Not anymore.

I also want to remind everyone that you can have new George comics emailed to you so you don't have to check the site for updates all the time. It's a great service and I think it works very well, so check it out!

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