July 7, 2007

I am very pleased, happy, elated, joyous, gleeful and ecstatic to announce the availability of a new George Comics book. Featuring 99 strips from the past year and a half, this book is bigger and better than the first. And rightfully so, as it's also $1.60 more! But trust me, my friends...it's $1.60 well-spent.

Yesterday evening I just got hit by some motivation to make a new book, as I had plenty of new strips and the first book is pretty crusty. I can't even bear to look at half the strips in the old book anymore. The new one is awesome. And most likely there won't be a third book for like another year and a half, so...uh...you better buy this one. I guess.

Oh, ok, fine. If you want to preview the book first, you can check out this lower-quality web version. It looks pretty gnarly compared to the print version and it has no cover, but at least you can see the guts, and that's what counts!

July 2, 2007

Another flashback!

Here's the original comic that today's comic is based on:


I made it...oh, many years ago, and you can see that my skill at coloring comics has come along greatly since then. Still, it's definitely cool to look back on some of the old strips that have become new ones. ...uh, for me, anyway.