September 6, 2007

More Big News!

Lately I've been really immersed in the strip. More than ever before. Which is excellent. I've got a pretty big stockpile of comics going and, unlike two years ago, I see nothing on the horizon preventing me from cranking out more and more. And so after much thought and hesitation, I have decided to once again put George on a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule. Since January when I started making new strips again, I've basically tried to update the strip about every three days, but didn't want to stick to a set schedule because I tend to become too frazzled when I set deadlines for myself. But...if I really want to make it in the webcomics world, I've got to push myself, and I've learned from my past mistakes. And, although I don't plan on resorting to this, if I find it's all a bit too much for me I'll just scale it back to Monday-Thursday updates like it was when the strip first started. In any case, I think it's time we got George back on the regular update track!

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