September 10, 2007

New font!

I've changed the font for every comic starting September 4 (to coincide with the new style of coloring that debuted that day, you see). I think this new font is a lot cleaner, thicker (without being too heavy), and more readable than the font I've been using for nearly two years. I underwent extensive consultation with a panel of judges to find out what the best font for the comic should have been. Okay, I asked five friends repeatedly over the course of the evening "ok which font do you like better, the first or the second?" It was sort of like when you go to the eye doctor to get fitted for glasses, and he does the ol' A/B switch on you over and over, except this time the letter chart is a comic font, the big machine covering your face is your monitor, and the eye doctor is a very odd and annoying web designer who spends his free time making comics.

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