October 19, 2007

I think this is going to work.

My plan is fully in motion. As of around 11 p.m. last night, I've got it rigged so that my Blogger posts show up on the front page of the main website. Which is, of course, fantastic for a couple of reasons: It allows you, my loving and loyal and attractive readers, to view my rambling thoughts on a regular basis. Moreover, however, it allows me to want to have these rambling thoughts on a regular basis instead of once every few fortnights. Anyway, changes are still coming. I disabled Haloscan comments and reverted back to good old-fashioned Blogger comments, which totally destroys any comments that anyone has left me over the past...um, like two years...but hey! This is a new era for George. George is entering what I like to call "The Internet Age," which is a phrase I just coined just right now and trademarked over the phone via text-message on the way to work this morning so you can't use it. Unless you're talking about George. Then, proceed.


Jonathan said...

Oh, great, so where does that leave the musical I was going to write? (Working title- "George Comics Blog Comments Section: The Musical.")

John Norton said...

I'd say it leaves you with several comments dating back about two years, including some spam.

"You can GET! Get! Get your degree ONLINE! Online is the way...to get a degreeeee!"