October 25, 2007


So I'm trying this new thing out. It's MyBlogLog.com, and it's sort of like a social networking site where instead of signing up and filling out a profile and making a page out of it, your own existing website becomes your social networking page. From the name, it must have originally been intended for blogs only, but it's not limited as such anymore. Anyway, the "Recent Readers" box here on the front page is a list of...well, all the recent MyBlogLog.com visitors to this website. If you've got a website or blog of your own I recommend shecking this place out, that is, until people get sick and tired of it and I cancel my membership.

In other news, in the relatively near future I'm going to open up a website where I'll hawk my wares as a commercial cartoonist. True, I'm...not a commercial cartoonist, but hey, we all gotta start somewhere, and my work will be cheap to start out with. More info on that in the coming weeks!

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