November 8, 2007

Greetings, international visitors.

I took a look at my site stats this afternoon and was fairly shocked at what I saw. So far this month, the top five cities for George visitors are not in the United States. Mostly, they're in the United Kingdom and southeast Asia. Overall, the United States generates more traffic, but no single city in the United States generates quite as much traffic as these top five international cities. I think this is absolutely wonderful and very cool, because I appreciate the concept of having international appeal, and I believe there's probably no way George could have international appeal without the internet. So anyway, hola, salut, bonjour, ni hao, hafa, barev, god dag, mabuhay, dobri, grüß gott, shwmai, namaste, marhabah, zdravstvuyte, labdien, and howdy to everyone out there.

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