November 29, 2007

Headline: George shatters pageview record; creator arrested for public drunkenness

I'd like to say thank you to all you George readers out there for breaking the site's all-time one-day pageview record. Normally people get reprimanded when they break things, but not you. Instead, I want you to press your hand to the monitor and wait a few seconds; I will give you a high five. With my mind.

There is still some question as to exactly how many pageviews the site had yesterday, as Google Analytics says 2,101 while my server's stats software says 2,917. I say we settle this with a calculator battle between the two numbers. Hang on.

Okay, the two numbers came together and waged an epic battle until they were finally divided by two, somehow leaving only one number as the victor: 2509. 2509 pageviews in a day; modest numbers for many, spectacular numbers for George. I sincerely hope I can look back on the day when 2509 pageviews seems modest, but for now I'll enjoy the victory. Over the Internet.

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