November 24, 2007

To everyone who celebrated Thanksgiving Thursday...

...hope you had a good and safe one. My parents saddled me up with enough leftovers to ensure that I probably won't have to buy any groceries until December. Of 2008.

In other news, there's a little side project I've been working on; a writing project, actually. A friend inspired me to write a short story and enter it in a contest online, so I did. You can read my submission, Axult City, here. So anyway, I wrote that and then I started to get a little itch. A little itch that no cream will cure. I'm talking, of course, about the writing itch. Now I'm preparing to write a longer story about Axult City, though not a full-blown novel...somewhere in between a novel and a short story. A novella I guess?

Ever since I started reading Good Ship Chronicles, I keep picturing the main character of my story, Dr. William Lofeld, as looking like Hap Banning. This, of course, is awesome because Good Ship Chronicles is a great strip. It wouldn't kill you to read a few strips, unless you stumble upon the archived comic which triggers a blast of anti-matter rays from your monitor.

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