December 15, 2007

And so it is finished

Well, it's time to take the Intuos3 off the auction block, pack it up, and ship it to the lucky winner. I honestly didn't get quite as much for it as I'd hoped for, but I also didn't do too badly, either. I'm just glad that I've almost recouped my expenses from my Cintiq. Anyway, I've been sort of short of news to report (+3 RHYME POINTS) and for that I...cannot retort (OH, -1). I would like to say that as my Christmas gift to you, there will be two bonus George strips coming within the next week and a half. One will be on Christmas, and one will be the Thursday before Christmas. I had to wedge that one in because I sort of miscalculated my update schedule and had to finish the current storyline by Christmas eve and was left with little recourse but to give a BONUS UPDATE WOOO! And then, well, the Christmas one is just my way of saying Happy Festivus.

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