December 19, 2007

Wacom Cintiq 12WX Review

I've noticed that quite a few people are coming here via Google searches for "Wacom Cintiq12WX," and I want to accommodate those visitors with my own Cintiq12WX product review. It includes pictures and links to YouTube videos I've recorded of the Cintiq in action. Hope this provides some of you with the information you need!


Anonymous said...

thanks for the wacom 12wx review. shame to hear about the cal. issues.. good luck on driver updates =)

Neal said...

Cheers from Louisiana, John!
First, great site and many thanks for dedicating some time to review your 12wx. If you have time, I was wondering if the buttons on the side were easy to accidentally bump/press while doing some serious drawing... if so, is there a toggle that would allow you to disable all of those buttons in one swoop? I'm also an illustrator, but I came form using the old Wacom Pen Parter (remember that?), and currently odler models of the Graphire and Intuos. Besides that, I'm a PC gamer, and a lefty with a pen, so I've grown accustomed to drawing with my left hand and navigating my operating system with my keyboard to my right.

Regardless of whether you have time to respond or not, my hats off to you for the insight into the 12wx... I usually port around with my Graphire, but jeez... that 12wx just looks like the very thing I need.

Take care and keep up the great work!

Toby Bridson said...

Hi George, your review is exactly what I was looking for. I'm either going to purchase a Cintiq 12WX or a Axiotron Modbook ( - just really comes down to how comfortable I feel with the product and if there is any latency using the pen.

I think I'd get more life out of the 12WX if i upgrade my computer later on.

By the way I also use Flash for my cartooning and illustration work. It's really great for drawing and really captures the 'freshness' of the strokes accurately.

I sell my illustrations on if you want to take a look at my portfolio.

Anonymous said...

Nice review! It's been very helpful and I'm this close to buying one myself :-D

I just have one question.

About how far from the edges of the drawing area does the pen accuracy start to suffer?

I rarely go that close to the edges of my Intuos3 because I constantly keep zooming and panning the area I'm working on to the center of my screen.

So if it's like an inch or less I shouldn't have any problems.

This info would be a huge help in my purchasing a 12wx.

Thanks again for the very useful review! :-)


Thatcher said...

i got a problem. i got the 12wx and everything is hooked up fine, installation seemed to be proper. pens synced, etc. but...HOW DO I GET MY DESKTOP AND?OR PS AND ILL ON MY CINTIQ DISPLAY? am i just not ready for this kind of futuristic hardware? its ready to roll, but wheres the love??? thanks. your site is tight (bad rhyme).

IDesigner said...

I think that it that it is great we live in the time of Blog... I have had the opportunity of using the 18sx....for industrial design purposes... I loved it.. The problem with I.D. is that manufacturing in the US is tanking at the moment. So i fell to unemployment with the economy... My problem is i know i LOVE the 21wx...even the improvement from the 18sx in pen sensitivity is better. But ... having low cash is pushing me toward the 12wX and i am sure i am going to make a mistake. i found out that the native screen resolution is lower than the 21SX which only exaggerates the problem I had with the 18Sx which they no longer sell. So if you draw cartoons, I would say buy the 12wx. As an industrial designer.....I couldnt draw in complete (anal) detail at full scale at a good dpi (150 to 200) on the 18Sx. This would just cause proportion problems in my drawings, directly seen on screen. What i am saying is 18SX was great but, its the minimum screen size i would want for my purposes.... Since the price came down...i wish they would offer that $1500 dollar model in between the best and worst case scenario. All I am saying is the 1000 dollar jump buys alot more than you think...and depending on what your doing...4by6 photos for mom or detailed work for corporate america take time to consider your options. And if your thinking small, for portability, because you are a mobile, think again...wires are still crazy...your not going to sit on an airplane and detail an interior prior to a major meeting.

P.S. the hp laptop with for business people not designers.. no resolution and it could never handle a real large Megabyte art file..