January 31, 2008

George comic #250 droppin' like a....felon? Is that right?

Today marks the 250th George comic to ever be published on this website. Slowly but surely, the ol' archive is growing...250 comics is a pittance to guys like Stephen Pastis of Pearls Before Swine fame, guys (and gals) who have to turn out 365 comics every stinkin' year. But hey, my comics are full-color....and...man, what color! And what's more, they are just packed with...pixels. Anyway, to celebrate, I think tomorrow I am going to scan some of the really old George comics in and make a "George museum" where I can post them and talk about how terrible they are. A grand time will be had by all.


Tony said...

Congrats! That's quite an accomplishment.

tbowl said...

Nice, I can't wait!