January 9, 2008

A new, slightly different look for George

With today's comic debuts the "new" style in which I've recently been making George comics. For starters, it uses my own personalized font, which I made from my very own handwriting. So that's awesome. But it also features artwork done with the Paintbrush tool in Flash--until now I've been using the Pencil tool, which creates smooth, straight lines, but lines with no variation or differing weights. The paintbrush tool is harder to get the hang of, but it looks much nicer to my eyes. It feels much more like really "drawing" with pen on paper because the harder you press the stylus to the Cintiq screen, the thicker the line becomes. This makes for more fluid, dynamic artwork. I think that for the first few strips that I used this technique, the art is a little rough compared to usual, but I've gotten used to it now. Maybe you'll be able to see the difference.


Tony said...

The new linework is a huge improvement. I really like it, and think it will only improve in the future as you get more practice.

I also like your new font. But I think you should make sure the letter "A" has a large enough hole in the middle. Especially the italicized "A". If you look at other comic fonts, usually the horizontal line for the "A" is a little lower to accomplish this.

John Norton said...

Thanks Tony; I thought the same thing about the "A" and actually, it's improved over the original "A." If it's still difficult for people to read then I guess I better go back and make the hole larger...of course, I already have about a month's worth of comics with this font on them! :D