January 7, 2008


Today I got a couple of comments on two of my YouTube videos (from the user "lapizmagiko") that got my blood boiling. Though he typed his comments in Spanish, through the magic of this new thing they have called The Internet (I suggest you check it out sometime), I was able to decipher what he said, which I will paraphrase here:

"Why do you need such a nice tablet (referring to my Wacom Cintiq12WX) to make drawings like those? God knows that you are wasting that jewel. Why give food to someone with no teeth to eat it?"

The initial thoughts that raced through my head cannot be posted here, because I keep this site family-friendly, and the words I would type might give your great aunt Flo a coronary. Also, I know that getting angry at someone who offers only blatant negative criticism is simply not worth it. That doesn't change the fact that I pity this person. As I said in my responses to him (responses in which I did not swear once, I'll have you know), not every person with artistic talent chooses to paint the Mona Lisa. My artwork is never going to win any awards for "most realistic" or "most dramatic," but that does not mean that it is easy, that it is trite and meaningless, or that I do not pour my soul into it. And so, yes, my feelings of anger have been diluted into pity, for I can't help but pity someone who allows for such ignorance, elitism and plain jealousy to cause them to insult someone's accomplishments in life, no matter how small they may deem them.


Laurie said...

What a jerk! Lemme at 'im!

Anonymous said...

John, I totally agree, replying to that kind of message is a waste of time if you want my humble opinion.

love your comics !! keep up your amazing work !


josh said...

Hear, hear!