February 25, 2008

And we're BACK on the George Comics Show!

I sincerely apologize for the downtime over the weekend and for much of this morning. The site's been down for the past 18 hours or so, but it looks like it's back now. The trouble stems from two things: a brand new George site I'd hoped to unveil yesterday, and my web host. I tried switching the domain name george-comics.com to the new server, and everything broke. I fiddled with it for hours before deciding it would be best to switch it back. The problem is that when you're dealing with servers and IPS and domain name servers, every update takes like a minimum of two hours to go through. So I've been agonizing for about 10 hours straight. But hey, we're back, and I fully hope to have the new website unveiled sometime this week without any down time.

Or I am going to flip out and crack some heads.

February 14, 2008

Buy some original George artwork!

Well, I did it. I've been following through on a lot of my promises lately, and this is one of them. If you visit the George Art page, you can buy original, hand-drawn George character sketches for a measly six bucks each. Talk about your cheap original artwork. I drew up some samples last night, and I'll be posting them on the aforementioned Art page in the very near future.

You know, for three years I didn't draw any cartoons on paper. I used graphics tablets. And while my artwork improved by leaps and bounds, my hand-drawn-on-paper cartoons still leave something to be desired, to me personally. I've been investing a lot of money in different types of papers, pencils, and pens trying to find materials that are comfortable and effective for me. I've got a big order coming from dickblick.com, but in the meantime, any of you artist types out there...what do you use, and why? I'm open to all suggestions regarding tools and techniques to make my artwork better.

February 10, 2008

Wanna buy some original George artwork?

Sometime in the near future, I'm going to start offering original George sketches for sale here at George-Comics.com. I've been doing a lot of pencil/pen-on-paper drawing lately, and it's a lot of fun...I think more fun than drawing on a graphics tablet, personally. So anyway, I figured it would be cool to start selling some sketches. The ones I'll be selling are roughly 5" x 8" and I'm thinking they'll cost $6 each, shipping included, payable via PayPal. You get to choose what character(s) you want (I'll probably put a limit of 2 characters per sketch) and then I'll ship them out to you within a few days. So what do you think? Sound like a good deal?

February 1, 2008

As promised...The George Museum!

The George Museum.

I delivered on yesterday's promise to scan a bunch of old George comics and assemble them into a place where you can view and laugh with, or at, them. All of the comics posted so far were originally made between February and April 1999. I have some more laying around somewhere, but I'm afraid I may have misplaced them, or, even worse, thrown them away accidentally. I hope that's not the case, but I do have low-quality electronic backups of many of them that I'll resort to if I have to. In the meantime, enjoy these 40 or so classic George comics.